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Confidential Visitor Sign In Log Book | Duplicate | 2 part | Carbonless | A4 - 8.27" x 11.69" | BOX OF 20 BOOKS

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Box of 20 Confidential Visitor Sign In Log Book

Our No Carbon Required (NCR) Confidential Books are ideal for all your record keeping requirements. These visitor logs ensure that visitor’s information is stored securely and privately, which meets the requirements of data protection laws. Visitors fill out their details on the blacked out (top copy) of the visitor log.
As it is blacked-out, it prevents future visitors from viewing who has visited and when they signed in/out. Because this visitor log uses no carbon paper, the information on the top copy is transferred to a lower copy, which can be read
To prevent visitors from merely turning the page to see who has signed in, the lower copy and top copy are stuck together with a thin strip of glue down the right edge.

• CONFIDENTIAL – Perfect for nursing homes as it provides an easy way of protecting visitor’s information which meets data protection laws - including the HIPAA

• HOW DOES IT WORK – Visitors provide the information on the top page of the log - which is blacked out and cannot be read by future visitors - simultaneously creating a duplicate carbonless copy on the lower page which can be referred to when necessary. Top page and lower copy glued along the edge for added privacy

• SPACE FOR 550 ENTRIES – Each book comes with 11 entries per page and 50 pages per book - Book is 8.27” x 11.69” leaving plenty of space for visitors to write comfortably - Wire bound creating a portable book in case of emergency or evacuation