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Detention Slip | Triplicate Book | 3 part | Carbonless | 50 Sets Per Book | DL - 8.3" x 3.9" | BOX OF 45 BOOKS

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£638.87 GBP

Box of 45 Detention Slip books

Our Carbonless Detention Slip Triplicate Book is ideal for your requirements.
This book features 50 slips, each with a duplicate copy.
Each slip is approximately 7.3" x 3.9" and the top & middle copy is perforated for easy removal. Whilst the bottom copy remains in the book for your own records.
A loose-leaf writing shield is included with each book to preventing bleeding to lower copies when completing the slip.
As the book is small, it can be easily stored in a draw until it is required. 

• TRIPLICATE COPIES - Enter information on top copy - which is perforated for easy removal along with the middle copy- and the writing is copied onto the 2 copies below, the 3rd copy remains in the book for your records

• 50 PASSES PER BOOK - There are 50, 3-part sets per book

• SIZE - Book is approximately 8.3"x 3.9"  - Slip is approximately 7.3"x 3.9"

• CONTENTS -  there is a wealth of information on the slip - not only for your own records but also for the parent or carer to understand the reason the detention has been given