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Confidential Visitor Passes | ID Badges | Duplicate | 2 part | Carbonless | 300 Passes | A4 - 8.27" x 11.69" | BOX OF 20 BOOKS

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£560.00 GBP

Box of 20 Confidential Visitor Passes


Our No Carbon Required (NCR) Confidential Visitor Pass Books are ideal for keeping a record of who is visiting. The visitor simply completes the required information on the pass and the details are simultaneously replicated on a copy below for your own records, the visitor's details are shielded from view by a middle security sheet. The visitor then removes the pass - which is made easy as each pass is perforated - leaving the lower copy in the book, should the visitor's details need referencing to. Visitor then returns the pass, writing the time the pass was returned in the front of the book. This visitor log makes it simple to keep track of how many visitors are in the building at a present time.

• DUPLICATE COPIES - Visitor enters the information onto the visitor pass - which is perforated for easy removal - creating a duplicate record of the information which remains in the book - Pass size approx. 3.54" x 2.36" (90mm x 60mm) / Book size: 11.81" x 8.26" (300mm x 210mm) - 10 Numbered passes per page / 300 passes per book

• CONFIDENTIAL - Middle sheet ensures that details on the duplicate copy remain hidden from future visitors

• TRACK RETURNED PASSES - Log sheet is included in the book, providing a simple way of tracking which passes have been returned